• Consultanta


    Any Titan Mar project begins with choosing the stone-this is the first step for the realisation of beautiful architecture. There is a wide variety of materials, dressings,finishes and colours that can hall-mark the final project.

    The client’s journey along the project will always cater for a few important factors: revisiting the catalogues and the design and furnishing magazines, presenting samples and providing the best solutions will help pencil each and every step until the end of the project.

    You are invited to choose the product you desire out of our range of materials in stock, in our deposits or you can order natural stone to your liking.

  • Proiectare


    Our own design department provides our customers with the required customised approach, regardless their exigency.

    This service entails advice, suggesting design options, techincal solutions and multiple stereotomy projects.

    The blend of design, technical, and petrographic knowledge mirrors the elegance, malleability and delicacy behind every project; the stone, that is the inspiration source for Titan Mar, gives our customers the possibility to make the most complicated choices.

  • Productie


    Titan Mar holds the latest technology in gear, equipment and devices, thus ensuring the dressing and transformation of natural stone.

    The range of company products consists of indoor and outdoor decor elements, plywood, stairs, window boards, countertops and fireplace coatings, made both from Romanian materials extracted from our own quarries and a wide variety of imported materials.

    Titan Mar provides surface dressing, such as cementation, bushhammering, repolishing, rough or ridged skid-proof and edge dressing for the completion of their projects.

  • Waterjet technology movie

    Waterjet Technology

    Titan Mar has purchased tools which use the latest technology, allowing water jet cutting for natural stone tarsia in order to meet their customers’ needs. Water jet technology provides complex work solutions, being one of the most innovative products dressing means.
    The process is basically the same as water erosion, but faster and stronger. Waterjet cutting ensures material cutting with an accuracy under 0,1 mm/ml
    Machine programming and cut control are achieved through an informational program which allows creation of a wide variety of shapes, resulting true works of art.

  • Montaj


    The structure of the Assembly Department, carefully planned and spick and span, consists of building sites, each of them carefully directed by a building engineer.

    The general management of this kind of service is responsible for administering the company resources for assembly and maintainance.

    Titan Mar assembles natural stone through classic procedures, gluing with imported adherents, mechanical attachement systems, but our customers can opt for stone trasia using materials such as brass or stainless steel.

    Each project becomes a work of art in the end.

  • Mentenanta


    Because every stone work needs attention and care in time. Titan Mar provides the following maintainance services for the natural stone-clad surfaces: reconditioning, adjustments, polishing, waxing using appropriate products such as detergents, crystallized substances, liquid wax, resin solution and so on.

    The stone recovers its brightness, greatness and glamour.

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