About us

Titan Mar is one of the most important companies in the field, providing complete natural stone services: import, design, manufacturing, marketing, assembly and maintenance, with everything these activities entail.

The company was founded in 1994. In 1997 Titan Mar became the owner of Marmosim Corporation in Simeria, which is the largest natural stone producer in Romania, with a tradition going back for years on end.

  • Cine suntem

    Who are we?

    A stone block is like a closed book. Two decades ago we opened the first books and we started writing life stories, impossible to forget and to put into words.

    In 1997, after three years of fathoming the ABC of chiselling, we became the owner of Marmosim Corporation in Simeria- the largest natural stone producer in Romania. That was when we started to recreate marble mountains all over the world.

    Titan Mar means more than refinement; it is about the latest technology in which we invest on a daily basis in order to provide upscale products.

    Both our efforts and the brand compelling philosophy have helped us become market leader. Some of the quarries we run and take great pride in, are our Ruschita marble quarries, Geoagiu and Carpinis sinter quarries and Podeni and Baschioi limestone quarries.

    Titan Mar creates projects ranging from private houses, where natural stone pencils the artistic sense and the eye for details, to some of the widest and most complex works, using a broad range of resources.

  • Misiunea noastra

    Our mission


    We provide a high standard, wide range of natural stone products and services, ready to cater for our clients' most demanding and exquisite tastes.


    It is our desire to be the absolute leader in natural stone field, through high-quality, professionalism and creativity.


    Professionalism, customer oriented attitude, team spirit, responsibility, creativity and pliability.

  • Echipa


    Each of our teams enriches Titan Mar value. Our experts' experience is mirrored in the brand philosophy, in perfect and effective results as well as in the passion which turns natural stone into art.

    The most valuable resource of Titan Mar is our experts. That is why we invest continuously in their on-going training, thus creating young, effective and talented teams. They are eager to present the customers with the whole range of services which recommend them as professionals: merchandising, design, processing, assembly and maintenance.

    Titan Mar can also provide architecture, design and stereotomy projects on demand.